Amy and The Engine and Rachel Tine Photography Collaboration

Amy Allen is an unbelievably talented musician and from woman for the indie-pop rock band Amy and the Engine. She rocked select pieces from my debut collection: Social Deviance .

Rachel Tine, a stellar Boston based photographer captured all of the beautiful moments on camera so I could share them with you today! Enjoy!





Amy’s website:

Rachel’s Website:

Beacon Hill Women’s Forum “Charles Street Couture” fashion Show

I’m so excited to be a featured designer in this fashion show! I’ve been working through the winter creating new pieces for the spring, and I am delighted to share them in The Charles Street Couture Fashion Show! IMG_1885
IMG_1987 For more information and to buy tickets to the show: The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum is a fabulous organization that brings together the female movers and shakers of our amazing community. Hosting monthly events, this growing group of professionals welcome new members to share their story, expertise and give genuine support to other women. No mean girls here! I am truly honored to have been invited to show my garments alongside these other powerful women of my neighborhood. Other Participating Boutiques: (All owned by women)



One Orange

The Designers Leather Clothiers

Core De Vie

Red Wagon



J McLaughlin

Beacon Hill Exclusive Jewels


Beauty Mark – Townhouse Beauty Bar

Again the info: Tuesday May 12 6-8 PM The Union Club 8 Park St (Strict dress code enforced)

Hope to see you there!!!!!

According to The Beacon Hellion….

Everyone always asks why I don’t move to New York.  NYC is the fashion capitol of the world, why the heck am I in Boston?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Boston is a unique place with lots to love.  Not that I don’t see a move in my future, but I see real potential for myself here in Boston.  Dubbed the worst dressed city in the US, Boston gets a bad wrap for its  alleged lack of style.  As a native Bostonian, I feel a duty to disprove our horrible reputation.   Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a lot of very stylish people here in this little city. Unfortunately, there are also a lot on the other end of the spectrum.  Those damn cargo short and sports jersey wearing goons are really bringing us down!

 With stores like Riccardi and Alan Balzerian in our midst we have a front row seat to edgy contemporary fashions from all around the world. Even with stores like these available, we do not take full advantage. Bostonians are conservative in their fashion choices, but that’s not to say that they aren’t stylish.  Bostonians express their style differently than fashionistas in most major cities. My favorite stylish Bostonians play with their traditional roots and even poke fun at them. The Ladies might pair leather pants and sneakers with a Chanel Jacket while the gentlemen will wear neon soled spectator shoes with fitted jeans, and a deconstructed tweed sport coat, the look of course topped off with a bowtie. This is a look that says, ‘I’m blowing off lunch at the Somerset Club today to check out this cool new art exhibit with my friends.”

My best advice: You cant be afraid of anything in this life, especially not of wearing cool clothes.

This is My Boston

chynna_designer from Beacon Hill

Like any good Beacon Hellion girl, you are going to have to learn how to traverse those uneven sidewalks and cobblestones in all kinds of shoes….yes, even sky high heels and platforms.


I find that Boston has a little bit of “the best of everything” the world has to offer. Rich in art and culture and filled with beautiful and diverse architecture Boston is a picturesque city with European flair. We have a strong sense of convention and community here. Though it looks back to colonial tradition, we have an admiration for our history and include it in our future. As a hub for education, scientific and medical development, our modest little city is filled with proactive thinkers. Living in such an intelligent population is wonderfully challenging and inspiring. With so much young blood and innovative thought, it seems anything is possible in Boston….even fashion!

Two movers and shakers of The Hill


Recent Berklee College of Music graduate Miguel DeBraganca stops to say hello before heading down to The Paramount for some breakfast.

Its a pretty darn good looking neighborhood if you ask me!

Oh ya, And the pups need to be walked too!

chynna_and the Pups


Try that in heels on cobbles!

Again Thank you to Pierce Harman of Pierce Harman Photography for capturing the magic moments!

Social Deviance Collection

Society- A group of people sharing the same geographical or social territory; typically subject to the same political authority and dominant expectations.


Deviance- A rejection of social norms; an absence of conformity


 Social Deviance


In a world where black and white are opposites and leather and chiffon shall not be combined, I break the rules.  Fashion allows us to express our views on life through the medium of clothing.  This collection represents the modern day woman.  She is sassy, chic, tough and functional.  She floats in to any situation with beauty and grace, but is armed with stinging wit and ruthless intelligence.  Meet the ladies of the new era of Social Deviance.

chynna group jean

 chynna moto point chynna moto very chynna

chynna moto backchynna sbrittany jean chynna steph long shirt back chynna steph long shirt front

chynna group dresses

chynna brittany dress front

Chynna Brittany dress back chynna flow dres wow chynna flow dress back

Thank you

Stephanie Spooner and Brittany Johnson for bringing my garments to life with style and grace


Cole McNair for doing our make-up and making us look like rock stars


Special thanks to Pierce Harman for being a great photographer and an even better teacher and friend.

*All garments were designed and produced by Chynna Pope with locally sourced materials*

for more information on the collection contact: