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Native Beacon Hiller, Chynna Pope is a fashion designer in Boston. Pulling inspiration from her surroundings Chynna creates fashions unlike any other. World travel, ballet, figure skating, social strata, and various subcultures are just a few of her influences. Designing both contemporary garments and those for special occasions, she often mixes soft, flowing materials with contrasting weight fabrics, hides, and textures. Her style dichotomy mirrors that of her own personality and being: Spandex stretching figure skater by day, ripped t-shirt wearing skateboarder by afternoon, and black-tie ball attending socialite by night.

  Chynna has developed her own menswear inspired fashion line that made its debut at Boston Fashion Week in October 2014.   The line featured contemporary separates and dresses. The Chynna Pope design aesthetic is one that allows her garments to transition effortlessly from day to evening.   Her work was recently featured in a display on Bostonian thoroughfare  Newbury Street, on the runway and in various publications. Sourcing both inspiration and materials from major cosmopolitan cities, travel and adventure are a big part of her design process.  Basing her budding fashion empire in her hometown, she uses Boston as her launching pad.  With hopes of growing in to a national and international brand she continues to wander the world and create garments for each event and adventure along the way.

Chynna PopeIn conjunction with her clothing line, Chynna serves as the head designer for the Boston based accessories company The Beacon Hill Bow Tie Club. Creating custom pieces for special occasion and leisure, she accessorizes some of Boston’s most fashionable men. Working with vintage silk remnants, printed cottons and custom designs she creates classic, yet distinctive Bow ties, pocket squares and cummerbunds.   Selling in local New England boutiques, she dresses the stylish socials of her beloved city.

Chynna is a graduate of The Metropolitan Collage at Boston University and The School of Fashion design. Studying The History of Art and Architecture at BU, her approach to fashion design is unique. Marrying her knowledge of historic art with contemporary fashions this designer creates pieces that are youthful with an air of old fashioned elegance.  Overall creating a very chic and wearable look.

After a couture based education at The School of Fashion Design, and an intensive apprenticeship with Roger Hinds of Hinds Lines and Designs, her skills are vast.  Excelling in pattern work, stitching, detailing, finishing, and tailoring she has created quite a collection.  With garments ranging from sportswear, to bridal couture, this designer  proves that she adapts quickly.  Learning new skills and experimenting with new techniques allows her to design freely.  Technically proficient with  industrial machines she is able to create any garment on the fly.


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