Social Deviance Collection

Society- A group of people sharing the same geographical or social territory; typically subject to the same political authority and dominant expectations.


Deviance- A rejection of social norms; an absence of conformity


 Social Deviance


In a world where black and white are opposites and leather and chiffon shall not be combined, I break the rules.  Fashion allows us to express our views on life through the medium of clothing.  This collection represents the modern day woman.  She is sassy, chic, tough and functional.  She floats in to any situation with beauty and grace, but is armed with stinging wit and ruthless intelligence.  Meet the ladies of the new era of Social Deviance.

chynna group jean

 chynna moto point chynna moto very chynna

chynna moto backchynna sbrittany jean chynna steph long shirt back chynna steph long shirt front

chynna group dresses

chynna brittany dress front

Chynna Brittany dress back chynna flow dres wow chynna flow dress back

Thank you

Stephanie Spooner and Brittany Johnson for bringing my garments to life with style and grace


Cole McNair for doing our make-up and making us look like rock stars


Special thanks to Pierce Harman for being a great photographer and an even better teacher and friend.

*All garments were designed and produced by Chynna Pope with locally sourced materials*

for more information on the collection contact:


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