Festive black tie

So you’ve got the invite to a great black tie society event, great! But what will you wear?

Uninspired by the frocks hanging in local stores. I thought I might consult my favorite Boston designer Chynna Pope. (Shameless plug….and just kidding)  But I did make this evening gown that I am quite proud of.

Inspired by a remnant piece of fabric I found at my most favorite local fabric store, Fabric Place Basement, I designed a dress that did the piece of fabric proud.

Here are a few pictures of the dress in the early stages of design and then the final steps I took  to construct the final product!

 Using this dreamy sequin fabric I designed a deep deep deep “V” neckline bodice and started to piece it all together.20131211-233532.jpg

 Built on a layer of sequin net, I layered rows of gathered bias strips to create a ruffley and feminine look.  This I think gave it a bolero type of look.  I liked it so I kept going with it.  As you can see the sleeves are pretty special….thus time consuming.  But also totally worth it….just like COVERGIRL. 20131211-233557.jpg

Here, are a few detail shots of the fabric and the bodice as it all comes together. 20131215-093558.jpg


….And, Like any good couture garment, this dress was built from the inside out.  Each piece of this bodice was hand basted and underlined, then key sections were boned for extra support.  an elastic was also applied to the extreme neckline to avoid any embarrassing nipple slips on the dance floor.   Here I am taking a selfie wearing the lining as I do a final fitting. 20131223-020136.jpg

The dress partially constructed, but mostly put together.  Only missing a zipper and a proper hem filled with layers upon layers of gathered tulle and horsehair braid. 20131223-020152.jpg

With the dress finally complete, I hit the Dance floor at The Park Plaza for the annual Winter Ball with my dear friend (and about to be Birthday Boy) Pierce Harman! 20131223-020209.jpg


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