50 shades of Grey bathing suit

Now don’t get all carried away with the title of this piece.   50 Shades of grey definitely supplied some inspiration, but not in the way you probably hope.  There are no whips, chains, or blindfolds included in this design, not even any leather!  So what’s he connection with 50 Shades of Grey you ask?   Check it out….I think you’ll be able to figure it out.


So, realistically, there are only 10 shades of grey represented in this design, but it’s a literal translation.   I think its a great start.  While you may be disappointed learn that this bathing suit has absolutely nothing to do with sex dungeons or S&M, you should be pleased with the end result anyways.  If its any consolation, it was somewhat painful constructing this suit but ever so pleasurable seeing the design come through fruition.


This bathing suit was made for a sportswear class at The School of Fashion Design.  Along with a few other assignments this season, the class was asked to create bathing suits.  In celebration of the the school’s 80th anniversary.  These bathing suits had to be inspired by the 1930’s.  A number of projects have been put in to place throughout the school to honor the school’s longevity, but I thought this one was the most interesting to report on.


For this design, I wanted to maintain some semblance of authenticity, so I kept my bathing suit a one piece as many of the swimwear was back then.   I also wanted to add some old school glamor so I looked for inspiration from one of my favorite stars from the 30’s: Miss Ginger Rogers.

Ginger Rogers big2

Remember, everything that Fred Astaire did, she did backwards in heels!

(famous quote said by someone other than myself)

Ginger Rogers majestic swingtime_l

The color selection….totally inspired by black and white films.

As for the rest of the design, I wanted to make something was fitted, yet modest.  The layers of ruffles just kind of came to me when I was sketching .  I thought it would be an interesting take on a flouncy ball gown in bathing suit form.  The fabric is sporty and stretchy so its totally comfortable and functional.  This said, I haven’t actually swam in it yet…I think it has the potential to become very heavy saturated in water….maybe not the best suit for a swim race. However, I do know that it is going to look totally killer floating down a runway.


Shown above is the cover-up to go with the bathing suit.  It’s basically a chiffon cape with a big hood.  Perfect to throw on after a long day at the beach after a little too much sun, or perhaps to wear to a beach bar to have some fun?  With a handful of Swarovski crystals strategically placed this fun piece effortlessly transitions from daytime to night time in a snap! Just imagine it flowing in the wind as you strut your stuff down the boardwalk…sexy!




Model Katu wears the suit at The School of Fashion Design Fashion Show



I found this awesome little website on this history of swimwear.  Check it out!





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