The last few hours of 2013 were spent ever so glamorously among some of my most fabulous friends.


A great time was had by all. Old friends welcomed new acquaintances and effortlessly welcomed them in to the fold. Together guests enjoyed creative cocktails, robust wines, Many a glass of champagne and delicious nibbles. The bounty was only outdone by the spirit of the party goers in attendance. We surely did ring in the new year in some style!

20140101-171327.jpgMiss Ty Sinnett & Sir William Grote


Striking a pose with some fabulously imporper Bostonians Micah Mangini and John Pope

As the night progressed, our hostess presented the ladies with some festive hats she made herself. Her talents are infinite. The fascinators enhanced everyone’s ensembles adding an element of costume and pageantry to a otherwise classy and sophisticated crowed. These welcomed accessories certainly elevated the mood and served as the cherry atop a most decadent sundae. 😉


While some enjoyed a playful game of “dress-up” others found comfortable spots to rest their laurels….and morals?


Getting cozy by the fire after dinner.

And just a few highlights from the evening.


Mr. David Marx photographed with a few wild partiers.


Evidence of a great night!


Many thanks to our hosts Madame Suzanne Eliastam and Mr. Jeffrey Stamen


The most fantastic photographer around Mr. Pierce Harman


BRING ON 2014!


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