Giddy up!

Like most people, I look forward to the weekend. But unlike the masses, it’s not because I am worn out from the trials and tribulations from the work week or the stress of family life. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the “stress” gene is missing in my biological make up. I find myself perpetually relaxed, cutting loose and having a great time getting wild regardless of the day. Granted, I hardly ever know what day it is anyways. The weekend is great because it brings me a a whole new cast of characters and a slew of partners in crime to play with. For this reason, I especially look forward to the couple of days of the week when everyone else can join me in my antics. Luckily for me, all of my favorite people all tend to show up to my favorite weekend event… Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint:


Did you get it?

If there is one day that I am aware of, its SUNDAY. “Why?” you may ask. Well, Isnt it obvious?!!? Sunday is Polo day! If there were ever a place and a time for all of the wild ones to come out and cut loose, Polo is it! This fancy spectator sport really has it all: tradition, equine beauty, skilled sportsmanship, sexy sportsmen, exotic cars, great outfits and of course tailgating!!!!! My time is usually spent on the sidelines in a cute dress, wedges or high heels, and a fabulous hat, mixing and mingling. Mixing drinks, and mingling to see who brought the best hors d’oeuvres that is! For this post, I thought I might do something a little different and bring you a taste of polo from a different perspective.


I indulged this past week and got my polo fix a little early. Messing around with a little stick and ball, these beautiful ponies showed me of the real reasons I love this sport. Riding around occasionally hitting the ball reminded me of the difficulty of the sport. The polo I was playing, pathetically hitting the ball at a slow canter in an empty field, is really no comparison to the chukkers played by the pros. My experience gave me a deeper appreciation for the the level of skill required to play a good game.

With sites set on whacking a little white ball in the distance the player must be focused. In a real game, 7 horses and riders charge after you racing to get get to the ball first. Opposing players yell at you in Spanish and bump in to you trying to steer you off course. At full speed riders stand up out of their saddles reach for the ball with their mallets in the hopes of hitting it through the goal posts. This game is intense! its really quite something to watch. The guys and gals who play this terrific sport at Myopia are true athletes and are a joy to watch.

With another match just hours away, I thought posting these pictures might help get you excited for too!

Polo at Myopia Hunt Club every Sunday at 3PM

Free field side parking

Tickets $10

(Kids and Dogs go free!)


Did you know that Polo is the only sport that you MUST play with your right hand?

I guess us “lefties” are out of luck!


Fifty shades of brown? I think I need to dig up my boots!


…..Or just borrow someone’s…..

This is my “Après polo” outfit


Got shirt and shoes….but I still think I’ll have a problem with this get up!

Never quite got the outfit exactly right, so I decided to go with what I knew best…

bikini photo shoot time!



A little dip in the Ipswich river does the body good

And who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset?



3 thoughts on “Giddy up!

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  3. Hey Chynna, Great article and especially great pictures!I love how engaging this article is through asking questions and describing your hands on experiences both on the sidelines and on the horse. You make it a truly welcoming and pleasant article by making the reader feel like they can be part of this dreamworld by attending a match and giving the details to get involved. Keep it up!


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