Staycation Style

When the Beacon Hellion leaves “The Hill” she does it in style. Here’s a few pictures of my time in Suburbia!

Starting the day off right at Marylou’s with an “Almond Joy Iced coffee” It was AMAAAAAZING!


Top: F 21
Skirt: Theory
Sneaks: Thomas Wilde


After soaking in the sun and salt water pool, it was time for a little lunch. But before we completely relaxed in to our leisurely afternoon there was some work to do!

I helped out the contractor with a little project…not sure how productive we were though. After setting up his ladder and tools I saw an opportunity for a photo shoot. Climbing up on the ladder, posing and swinging from the fixtures the shoot began. Turned out the lighting wasn’t too good, but we got one decent shot. As for the job that actually had to get done….not entirely sure that ever happened.

Construction: So hot right now!


Yummy sea side lunch! Oysters and fish tacos!!!!!!

Oh! look, a gigantic anchor…..better climb all over that and I have someone take my picture in this fun outfit.

This accordion pleat skirt looks so good as it blows in the wind.


After a long day of decedent coffee, carpentry, lunching, and photo shoots, it was back to the pool for me!




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