How do you Seersucker?

Not just for the Country Club

Remington Pope does it at The Belmont Stakes surrounded by lovely ladies


Pink checked shirt with white collar and cuffs: Custom By Roger Hinds
Bow tie and Pocket Square: Beacon Hill Bow Tie Club by Chynna Pope
Seersucker pants: Ralph Lauren

Looking dapper as always suited and booted in a custom Roger Hinds shirt and Beacon Hill Bow Tie Club paisley bow tie and pocket square as he waits for the races to begin.


True to form, Josh Janson goes over the top pairing his seersucker shorts with a tank top and Christian Dior silver metallic high tops for Gay Pride.


Wayfarers : Ray Ban
Love Boston Tank: The One Fund
Pin “Vote for this Guy” :Mike Ross
Shorts: Old Navy
Watch: Rolex…..Of course
Wales Tales Bracelets: Jill Planter

Janson is photographed here at 28 Degrees during a political fundraiser he hosted for mayoral candidate Mike Ross. Gays, straights and drag queens alike all came out to support Mr. Ross who grew up in a LGBT household.

Man about town and uber philosopher, Pierce Harman rips around town on a skateboard in a full seersucker suit.


Pierce Harman Riding in style
Suede Bucks: Alden
Seersucker Suit: Brooks Brothers

Finding a few minutes to sit and relax between obligations at the state house and Summerset Club.


Sunglasses: Persol

Professor Harman is too cool for school!


Tommy Long of The Dogmatics fame, mixes his Beacon Hill tendencies with his punk rock influences as he sports an old pair of Vans with his seersucker shorts. When asked where they were from, his witty friend responded, “Sears sucka!”


Tom Long at Charles St. Supply
54 Charles st. Boston, MA

Paul Miller really gets in to the summer spirit as he dawns his seersucker at a polo match.  Paul has fun with fashion. Fearlessly mixing, turquoise and white gingham, with a multi colored pocket square, Paul proves that there really are no rules to fashion. He perfectly completes his ensemble with, of course, a vintage seersucker jacket. By mixing his favorite patterns and colors he successfully creates a chic laid back outfit perfect for a summer afternoon at Myopia.


Getting silly with The Beacon Hellion herself, they both kick off their shoes.

Chynna and Paul at Polo

Teal is so hot right now!

The “dude” effortlessly combines the classic preppy suit with a linen tunic bought in India. He poses with the grooviest of chicks a the Preview party for the Museum of Fine Arts “Hippie Chic” exhibition.


Miguel De Braganca Looks tres chic in his seersucker and boater hat at The French Cultural Center’s annual Bastille Day Block Party

Bastille Day!

Bastille Day!

Mark Tashjian throws his seersucker jacket over his shoulder like a bail of hay as he tends to his horses before going to Myopia’s Polo Ball.



He completed his outfit with a Beacon Hill Bow Tie Club pice!


In the seersucker mood I created this multi color seer sucker bow tie for The Beacon Hill Bow tie club! Fun right?


Beacon Hill Bow Tie Club Seersucker Bow Tie

How do you seersucker?


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