Another Colorful Day at Polo

Ah, Another glorious day for my favorite spectator sport: Polo.


Traditionally played on Sundays, spectators, and aficionados take full advantage of “Sunday Funday.” Opening their gates at 1:30, The Myopia Hunt Club welcomes members, guests, and dogs alike to enjoy the afternoon. Backing right up to the playing field, spectators set up their picnic blankets, collapsible table and chairs and prepare to tailgate. Most guests bring wine, cheese, and other delectable nibbles. If you can believe it, I always bring champagne!

Another week at polo means another delightfully sweet little outfit. This week I decided to go with this fun pleated Ellen Tracy frock and oversized pearls.


Half time is my favorite time of the whole match. Everyone makes their way to the field to stomp divots, visit with friends, and make new ones.

pana polo

At the end of half time, the announcer clears the field to make room for the ponies and players to resume play. Be careful that you don’t get stuck on the wrong side of the field! It will can become a very long walk back. Making your way around the perimeter of the field you will undoubtedly stop to chat, eat and drink with fellow tailgaters. An empty glass does not stay empty for too long around here! If you are lucky enough to still be standing and alert by the time you make it back to your picnic blanket you may enjoy the rest of the match.


The Winners are named and celebrations ensue. While most abandon their posts, the hardcore aficionados stick around and polish off the last drops of wine. I even got to ride in style with one of Myopia’s illustrious players.


It wasn’t long before a dispute broke out on the color of this Jeep. He called it one thing, and I called it another.


Matching Nails, Dress, Lining, and Mallet would suggest a perfect match to the color of the jeep….20130722-101825.jpg

With the help of my Color Aid, I think i found a match, but I’m curious to see what you think…VOTE HERE!


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