Peace love and fringe: MFA Hippie Chic Preview Party

After a day of swimming in the ocean, sleeping in the sand and lugging my weekender bag all the way to the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry I was covered in sweat, salt and sand. As I jumped off the ferry and sped off down the road, I realized that I had only given myself 2 hours to drive back to Boston, find an outfit, get dressed, and get to the MFA.

As I sped down 93, I feverishly  made phone calls to track down a good “Hippie” outfit.   With responses like, “Oh I have this tie-dye T-shirt”  or, “how how about that shearling coat?” I was coming up dry.  I did a mental walk through of my closet but could not think of ANYTHING to wear.  It wasn’t until I walked through the front door and ran up stairs that I saw the dress.  This beautiful work of art was just hanging from one of the antique sconces on the wall.  This beautiful ruffled dress had just materialized out of thin air, and it was perfect!  Apparently my mom had bought the dress from Yolanda’s years and years ago, and just forgot to give it to me. As I stood their admiring the dress, I started accessory brainstorming.  At that very moment, my mom showed up with the accessory to complete the outfit!  Can you guess what it was?


The sunglasses of course!  My mom stands firmly in the“Its not done till it’s OVER DONE!” camp.  And I have to say, she really nailed this one! I would look at life through rose colored lenses all night.  With the help from our friends at 20th Century Ltd. we really pulled this off.  Specializing in Vintage Jewlery, hats, and accessories, this little shop on Charles St. is the place to go for all of your vintage, retro, and chic costume needs.  Surprisingly enough, the rest of my outfit came right out of my own closet.  Life really is just one big costume party!

In a half hour turn around, I was out the door and headed to the event.  Dressed the part I contemplated the name of the exhibition: Hippie Chic.  Still covered in salt water, sand and sweat I realized that I was taking the hippie theme quite literally!


Upon arriving at the museum, guests were greeted by the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s.  With two old Volkswagen camper vans parked at the entrance, the scene was set!


It seemed as though these camper vans were time machines!  Party guests really took once they sat in the vintage VW.


The real deal hippie Paxton and me, Chynna Cat Sunflower


And of course, my favorite quote of the night:

When Asked by Boston Globe Photographer Bill Brett  where his costume was, Mark responded,  “Where’s yours?”

They were in the same outfit 😀


Once inside, I had to get a little face time with the head honcho at the museum, Mr. Malcolm Rogers


Chynna Pope and Malcolm Rogers at Hippie Chic Preview Party

This was truly a great event.  Great people, fun outfits, delicious food, and a photo booth!


Mingling with the guests.

“If it comes from the ground its probably okay!”


This guy told me he wore these overalls on the commune years ago.

I believe him!

And the exhibition itself: Now open to the public

Here are a few of my favorite pieces





Becoming a part of the instillation….I think i fit in quite well


My favorite Hippie couple of the night and the Author of the fabulous blog, “Joyatri’s Adventures in Vintage”


For more awesome pictures and commentary on the exhibition check out:

Get the look:



Check out Bill Brett’s Party Photos from the event




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