Happy Bastille Day!

Okay, okay…. I know I totally missed the bateau on this one. Bastille day was yesterday. Let’s just blame my lackluster reporting on a Champagne haze…. That’s very French right?

Every year the French Cultural Center throws a huge Bastille Day party. Shutting down Marlborough street between Berkley and Clarendon, the champagne pops, the food sizzles, and the bands prepare. As the bubbles rush to your head, and the crowed starts to swing, the party truly begins.

In a quick decision to go to the fete, I threw this little ensemble together. With no planning, few resources and little time, my mom threw me her centennial celebration Mumm champagne scarf and said, “here, wear this, it’s perfect!” It was indeed perfect, but it was just a scarf….. Would I be able to pull of a whole outfit with just a scarf? With my moms words of encouragement, “make it fabulous” I tied the scarf in to a shirt and ran out the door.


Necklace: Zara
Top: Mumm Scarf
Skort: Zara
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Zara

The party was in full swing by the time I arrived, and the outfit was a huge hit!


Dancing and drinking with some of my fabulous friends….


….and of course raising a little hell on my way home!


For more information on the French Cultural Center visit:



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