Chynna Pope Couture detail jacket project

I’m taking this couture detail class at The School of Fashion Design on Newbury st. Every week we learn new couture techniques. So far we have learned how to create and work with fringe, create scallop finished hems, primitive pleat various materials, how to make flowers, trapunto, passamentry, and appliqué techniques. Our weekly assignments vary, but always require that we employ the skills we were taught that week. Previous projects include, accessories of our choosing, wedding fascinators or corsages, Hawaiian flower quilt squares, and hand bags. This week we learned all about bias treatments and cording. Our assignment was to design a jacket and and make samples of a jacket front, pockets, and a sleeve. This is what I came up with!

Very “Chanel-esque” if I do say so myself!


Work in progress.


Raw materials, fringing the bias trim, and pocket construction.


Neckline, sleeve and pocket detail




Ciao for now!



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