cHappy 4th of July

Chynna’s White weekend on island.

Here we go! 7AM ferry from Woods Hole.


Glasses: Chanel
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
T-shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: H&M
Jacket: Penny’s

First stop: Chappaquiddick Beach Club.


Bathing Suit: Oasis

My favorite summer work out: Hula Hooping!!!!


Hat: From Mustique
Shorts: Cynthia Rowley

Hanging in the hydrangeas back at the house


Sporting a little patriotic Red, White, and Blue moments before an epic swim across the gut!


Shirt: (Provincetown)
Pants: Mom’s… she got them in Italy on her honeymoon

Though, the distance across is only roughly the length of a proper swimming pool, it is a battle to get across. The barnacle covered sharp rocks you must traverse for to get in to the water are only the beginning of your challenges if you so decide to embark on this mission. If you’re anything like me you’ll find the seaweed gross and a little scary too. As you stand in knee deep water you stare down at the undulating seaweed, you contemplate turning back to dry land. Those thoughts are quickly dismissed as you remember the pain and torture of the jagged rocks on the bare soles of your feet. Then you decide that, “YES! I am going to do this!” With your swim buddy by your side nothing can go wrong….unless they have already started with out you! Now you have NO choice! This is what happens to me every single time!


In a panic you dive in through the seaweed and sprint as fast as you can to catch up with your buddy. By the time you catch up, you are in middle of the gut you are winded. Arms are tired, and you pause for a moment to catch your breath. It is within these few seconds of rest that you realize you are being swept out to sea. Paddling as hard and fast as you can your surly getting back on track right? No. Somehow you have stayed in Exactly the same place (Now I understand what it must feel like to swim in a treadmill style pool) Digging down deep inside of yourself, you somehow find the strength to fight the strong current and pull yourself to the other side.

There, you’ve made it! You vow to never do it again…..that is until you realize that the only way back is to swim back. After a short walk on the small beach, and a pep talk later you do it all again, just this time in reverse.

This swim is seriously serious. Its definitely not for the faint hearted, the out of shape, or the hung over. … against all odds we made it! In fact, I did this swim every day and felt like a million bucks!

Headed to the Chappy Ferry for the Edgartown 4th of July Parade!



Dress: Anthropologie

Edgartown parade! Look: a pair of alpaca in a mini van.


Back to the beach club for lobstah, steamahs, and planters punch


Post clam bake relax session.


Soaking my hair in this saltwater pool up island. Best way to get those beach curls we all love!

Then there was this party…..More lobster!


Fun times, good lighting and a great photographer around the bonfire before ruining my dress with gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate.


Beach Party at Cape Poge Beach


Bathing Suit: Zandra Rhodes for Top Shop

Getting our party, tan and swim on!


After a great day of sun tanning, picnicking and spicy beer we headed back to the house on the boat….

….but the boat ran out of gas. No, Problem, let’s just swim it to shore….250 yards….SERIOUS WORK OUT!

Thank god for the training and conditioning I did in earlier in the week swimming across the gut! That experience really came in handy! Either that, or I have some mermaid DNA.

20130708-113920.jpgSunset solace on the bluff



Dress: Chynna Pope Couture


Flaunting this seasons hottest new accessory: wind, at the Barbie dream house


Dress: Chynna Pope Couture

Last supper ensemble


Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Alligator

My travel ensemble


Shirt: 344
Skirt: Bebe
Shoes: Asos

Good Bye Chappaquiddick…Thanks for a great long weekend! See you soon!

Did anyone notice that everything I wore all weekend was white?


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