Weekend in review: Provincetown

As we power in to this holiday weekend, I want to take a minute to report on last weekend, which I believe was also considered a holiday weekend. With the 4th of July falling on a Thursday it is only natural to start the party early and keep it rolling long after the actual holiday has happened.

No complaints here!

Here’s a quick recap of how i spent the the first weekend:

I docked in Provincetown around dinner time, cruised through the town. Making my way through the bicycle traffic, drag queens, throngs of well dressed boys, and confused families I made my way down Commercial st. I eventually found myself at the most beautiful little inn where I would spend the night….


Or so I thought. Shortly after arriving and getting settled, I was rushed off to a brand new Gallery opening.


The new gallery at the end of whalers wharf was filled with beautiful paintings. Paintings which the the artist, Sophia had painted over a 20 year period, in a number of different countries and towns. Her style is diverse, and clearly influenced by her location. Inspired by her temporary surroundings in New York, Jamacia, Italy, and now P-town, the art work exudes her passion for travel, culture and color.


After a celebratory glass or two of Champagne with the talented artist, we kicked off our shoes and danced on the beach.


It wasn’t long before we decided to bring our dance party to the ever popular A House in town. Seeing as we had all been dressed in our current outfits for roughly 2 hours, it was absolutely necessary change. Luckily Sophia had a closet full of ball gowns, sequin dresses and feather boas to change in to right in the gallery. In true artist form all of these high fashion pieces were splattered in paint. I mean, who wears a smock to paint anymore right? This is like so 3rd grade! Gowns are the new apron. With the help of our friend Dave, who was outfitted in a bandana bow tie and short shorts, we found the perfect dress. That’s right, between Sophia and I we wore one dress. I wore the teal silk lining as she wore the heavily beaded and sequined gold net dress. Looking dashing in our bow ties and fancy dresses we hit the town. How we didn’t get pictures of our dresses I’ll never know…. But here is the bandana bow tie ensemble.


Beacon Hill Bow Tie Club Bandana Bow tie

After a few hours of dancing our faces off, and 600 burned calories later, we dined ever so civilly on friend Mac and cheese bites, fried pickles and cheese burgers….. Oh ya and $35 worth of P-town’s best chocolate and fudge.

who knows what happened next….

The next morning, I woke up in a big beautiful bed (alone) in what appeared to be a log cabin in the middle of the woods.  The birds were chirping and the sun was shining…..but where the heck was I? Who’s house was this? I heard movement downstairs, so I called down, “Hello?”

To my delight, “hello” was answered by the vivacious, beach curled blond artist I had met the day before.  Not only did this woman, paint in couture, she slept in it too!  As I climbed down the ladder out of the treetop loft I found myself in that morning, I watched Sophia glide around the cabin in a gorgeous white flowing Oscar De La Renta silk frock that could have passed for evening wear.

What a character!

Craving a greasy bagel sandwich and obscene amounts of orange juice we set out to find breakfast.  Instead we ended up with gluten free muffins, juice drinks, and wheatgrass shot.

I eventually made my way back to Carpe Diem where I started a new project!


Courtyard at Carpe Diem

I had to make a facinator for this couture detailing class I am taking at The School of Fashion Design.


With the materials I had on hand, I whipped up with black and white and metallic leather fascinator.


Working away in the courtyard.


Finished product
Leather, Georgette, Tule, Feathers, and crystals

After adding a few very necessary sparkles and feathers, I hit the spa!


Graphic print pants: H&M
Sweater: Rag and Bone

Window seat at Drag Brunch at Victor’s

“The Tourists”


Goodbye P-Town!



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