Après Polo: Wingaersheek Chic

Let me preface this post with this fact: Linen breaths, polyester doesn’t!

This lovely Cynthia Rowley dress looks like it would be perfect for a hot summer day at the Polo fields….


Dress: Cynthia Rowley

….but it proved to be a bit problematic. I know what, your thinking, “it’s linen! How could that be bad?” Well let me tell you, despite its linen shell, it is lined with polyester. I felt like I was in a sweat suit all afternoon. This terrible synthetic layer twisted and stuck to me with every move…. I couldn’t wait to get out of it and slip in to something a little more comfortable…..



Sunset at Wingaersheek Beach




Run away from Polyester linings!


I think it all ended up working out.

But the moral of the story is CHECK YOUR LININGS!!

Stick with natural fibers like Cotton or silk.

Special thanks to Photographer Pierce Harman http://pierceharman.zenfolio.com/


Neil Ayer for taking us in and allowing this impromptu photo shoot on his private beach at Ayerhead.



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