The Silly Sailor

This is another chapter in the book of: How to Dress When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.

Chapter 2

Nautical stripes always seem like a good idea when you are out on the water. And what could be more patriotic than a little red, white and blue ensemble?

Looks great on the docks….


Aviators: Ray Ban
Scarf: Penny’s finest
Nautical striped shirt: Urban Outfitters
White Skinnies: H&M

But in a boat, actually sailing?

not so much.

Technically, this is not a good sailing outfit. Here’s why:

1. White pants get dirty very easily… And see through when wet.

2.Chanel patent leather slippers are NOT boat shoes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. This Prada tote bag is neither waterproof or able to close. While its open top makes it easy to reach in and get your stuff…. The lack of closure lets all of your stuff spill out during an extreme keel or accidental jibe.

4. Scarf blows in the wind sometimes getting stuck in front of your face… And always somehow ends up right in your line of sight. While this accessory really ties the whole outfit together, best to leave it, and your Chanel ballet slippers on the dock! The last thing you want is you scarf getting tangled in one of the many lines on the boat…. Yikes scary!


So, in my unsuitable yet fashionable outfit, I grabbed a life jacket and rigged a mercury keel boat… Moments after leaving the dock I knew it was a bad idea. With the winds howling and violent waves splashing over the bow I determined I was in over my head. Is that a sailing term? If it is, I think it’s referring to capsizing, and that is exactly what I DIDN’T want to do. Although, with my white pants thoroughly soaked and now completely see trough I guess it wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyways.


Photo shooting and driving..
Best view of Boston?

I somehow managed to tack and jibe my way back through the high seas of the mighty Charles River all the way back to the boat house. Damp and disheveled, I made it back to the dock safe and sound. Then and there I decided three things. Three things that will undoubtedly help my sailing career:

1. Wait for a green flag day to learn how to sail

2. Take some sailing lessons.

3. Take more pictures!


Silly Sailor: Chynna Pope enjoying terra ferma

HAPPY SAILING!20130614-085136.jpg

Come join me on the water!

Come on down to Community Boating Inc.



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