Tennis chic

With the sun finally breaking through the rain clouds it’s time to play some tennis!


Jersey Knit V-Neck: American Apparel
White Angular Scort: Zara
Vintage Tennis sweater: Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton- America’s Cup Edition

Even if your backhand is lacking, and your forehand needs a little work you can still look like an ace on the court!


Chynna Pope Tennis Chic in The Boston Common

Mixed with some modern day equipment, this vintage Polo sweater will really amp up your game…. Fashion wise anyways.


Ode to my God Mother Gail Curtin
Vintage Tennis Sweater- Snagged from her closet
Mustique Hat: Island where she spend most of her time

Don’t double fault and keep it classy:

When wearing your tennis whites make sure you wear the right undergarments!



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