The Lovely Bad Things

So I get this text in the middle of the day saying, “you around tonight?”

One might think that I would be booked weeks in advance…. But NO! I’m not that kind of gal at all! I never make plans and I’m always around. Well……”Around” in the most general sense of the word… Around where? Somewhere around the world. And Yes, yes, YES…. I’m going to say YES to whatever event, party, show, exhibition your going to invite me too.

And that’s basically what happened.

A friend, aptly named “Fuck you Mike” invited me to this show. He’s a totally rad dude who is actually from the Boston area…Medfield to be exact… But he’s so California it’s not even funny. Everything from his thick rimmed Ray Ban wayfarer glasses to his beat-to-shit vans just screams West coast…and don’t forget the skinny jeans! Words like “rad” and “tight” start and finish almost every sentence.

Long and short, the dude is pretty rad and manages some pretty tight bands and I got to go.

But of course I was confronted with the question: what should I wear?

I mean I could always look to The MET gala for “punk” inspiration…

….But by the time I got home to change I really only had about half an hour to get ready and make it to the show… Which was just across the park.

Instead of going too over the top…. Hello Madonna:


she looks like that girl from Californication…..right?



I decided to go a more genuine route. Grabbed an old band T-shirt and called it a day….except for the only cool band T-shirt I could find was Men’s XL.


FIDLAR — Awesome LA band
“Fuck It Dog Lifes A Risk”

Thing was, it was just a little too big. No problem for this steamy Seamstress. 😉  With a quick snip snip here and a stitch stitch there, her a rip, there a stretch every where a clip clip. I had a rockin’ new shirt. Check it out!


Cut the sleeves off
shape the arm hole and back
cut the side seams….


Tie a knot in the back to create a racer back look
pull side seams together and stitch
Cut off ribbed collar
stretch raw edges for fit and roll

And your pretty much ready to go!  Pull it all together with a little black Herve Leger bandage mini skirt, American Apparel over the knee socks and a totally killer and totally visible neon Roberto Cavalli bra…and you’ve got yourself one hell of an outfit!


Now hop on your skateboard and get your ass to the show! its started 15 min ago!!!  ….but not really….these things always start late.


If your like me, you’ll have time to down a Narragansette tall boy or two before the opening act goes on.

times 3

Leather sleeve army jacket: Zara
Studded boots: Sam Edelman
Chanel Necklace
Skull charm necklace- Marc Jacobs
Awesome White leather bag with Alligator tail strap



Check out The Lovely Bad Things


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