What I’m wearing right now

Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own city hanging out and taking pictures of Boston monuments and buildings. In this case: The Boston Public Library in Copley Square…. But I’ve got such a log history here…26 years really!

Here’s what I’m wearing right now!


Blue and white striped shirt with white collar- Zara
White leather Harness- BCBG
White trouser pants from high school- Express
White Chuck Taylors- Also from high school
Persol wood grain collapsible sun glasses- Nordstrom Rack

Messy hair…..its kinda my thing.


Zara top and Harness Compliments of my friend Judy Anne-Hereu
Judy-Anne Hereu Stylist – Instagram: Fashionista1217 follow her blog: Fashionista1217

Nothin’ like a good pair of dirty smelly beat up pair of Chucks to finish off any outfit!


Colombian knot skull bracelet- Riccardi Boston
Chanel Necklace
dirty smelly beat up chucks…MY FAVORITES!





And in the spirit of Throw Back Thursday….. A walk down memory lane.

Here’s a picture of me and my dad and a couple other Debutantes on the steps of the BLP. Here we are posing on the same steps in 2005. Looking fabulous at dinner party held in the Abby Room before the Boston Cotillion at the Park Plaza.


Boston Debutantes pose with their fathers before the 2005 cotillion held at the Park Plaza Hotel
Katherine Minton, Chynna Pope, and Devlin Hughes

BPL has a number of rent-able rooms for special events and parties! check it out!



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