Quick fashion fix

I was invited to a swank dinner party the other night in a beautiful Historic Beacon Hill home. My immediate response to the invitation was “Yes! Of course I’ll be there… And I’ll bring the Champagne!” My second thought was, “what will I wear?” Naturally I had nothing.

Being the budding seamstress fashion designer I am I figured I’d just make something new!

With the champagne chilling in the fridge I knew that if the new outfit failed, the cold bubbles of Moët would surely save the day. With my “safety net” in place, I ran off to the fabric store…. With only $25 and a mere 5 hours till h’ordeuves I did what I could….

Raw materials


2 yds. Sun tan silk crepe
1 1/2 yds. Black silk georgette

With only minutes to spare I finished the garment! Flustered and rushed I threw the top on and ran out the door.  It wasn’t until I had already climbed half way up Beacon Hill that I realized I forgot the Champagne!

The outfit would have to be a hit!


Chynna Pope Couture Original
Black and tan silk top with adjustable/ detachable leather harness
Somewhere on Beacon Hill, Boston

After an absolutely fabulous night of good food, tons of wine, worldly stories and dancing, the dinner party guests began to fade.  Our gracious hostess and I collapsed on the chez lounge in the saloon where we discussed future designs.  Don’t know if it was the wine, or the  surroundings or the vivacious spirit of my hostess, but I was inspired!


The saloon

In thanks to my hostess for the gorgeous evening, I aptly named this top

“The Suzanne”


The next day I went and skated in it….


Ice Flowing at The Skating Club Of Boston



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