Bow ties galore

Yet another beautiful day in Boston!

Started with a little bit of tennis then went to the studio to make some more bow ties and pocket squares…. Am I on to something here or what?

With all of my friends constantly wearing bow ties and attending black tie affairs I think I’ve got a built in friends and family market. Anyways, here are some pictures of what I did today at the studio:

All the prep work


Raw materials, Pattern work, and cutting

Cut 5 Bow ties and matching Pocket squares….Now I’m ready to sew!


Rolled edge hem on Pocket square

I made some mistakes and had to do and re-do a few operations…but the best way to learn in to make mistakes.  What a pain it is to unsew.  And its a waste of time….  As we all know TIME IS MONEY!  don’t waste it! By the 3rd one…I finally got in to a groove and became a bow tie making machine!


Filled orders!

Again, I’m very excited to see my boys wearing these.  A very stylish bunch indeed!  Pictures to follow!!!


Chynna Pope  Couture Custom     Bow tie and pocket square

Bow Ties to be worn at various upcoming events around town.  I’m working on a couple of dresses….hopefully some day in the near future I’ll be outfitting the ladies at these events too….at the very least I’ll be rocking them!



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