Menswear for women

Tuxedos, bow ties and French cuffs not necessarily just for men…..

We all know how sexy a woman can look in an oversized men’s shirt…. Now times that by ten!!! Chynna Pope Couture has taken out the bulk and kept all the sexy. Thats right, ladies and gents: Menswear for women.  We kept the french cuff, wing tip collar, and long tail back and tailored to a woman’s body.


Chynna Pope Original Tuxedo shirt
muslin stage

Then I took it one step further and said what the hell…. I’ll just make a whole sassy little women’s summer tuxedo….


Chynna Pope Original
Tuxedo ensemble sketch

I think this outfit would be perfect for a spring/summer hipster wedding or something.


Choosing the perfect fabrics with the man, the myth, the legend: Roger Hinds
I went with Silk Zibeline color: Carmine


sewing in the waist band

Once the garment was done……


Mom wanted a picture!


And I wanted a “selfie”

This would be the first of many over the course of the evening.  I debuted my very first piece of Chynna Pope Couture to the opening party for RISD’s Artist Rebel Dandy exhibition in Providence, RI

But first, a drink at The Bristol…..


The Bristol Lounge
The Four Seasons Hotel
Boston, MA

A Grey Goose dirty martini was the perfect accessory to this ensemble. 🙂

After traveling down I93 in what I was told was Lady Gaga’s party bus for about an hour, we finally arrived to the party….well, not exactly:  Me and an army of bow  tie wearing, Birkin bag carrying dandies paraded through an all Asian street festival….I think they were as surprised as we were.  We were definitely out of place.  But we looked DAMN FABULOUS!


That was fun….. then there was the School of Fashion Design Fashion Show.  The event that was supposed to be the first time I showed off my garments.  I jumped the gun….but Come on, The Artist Rebel Dandy party was a more perfect debut! Anyways, here’s a picture from the show.

fashion show tux

School of Fashion Design Runway Show 2013
Park Plaza Hotel, Boston MA

Then the director of the school asked to put my garments in the window for a display!!!  What an honor! I was so excited.  My garments would be displayed in a window on Newbury st!  And what’s even cooler is that they will be on display through Gay Pride! This is the chicest lesbian wedding wardrobe!

Ladies in waiting for the big day!


School of Fashion Design
Boston, MA

Friday May 31, 2013

The day finally came….And we celebrated!


Designer with her designs
striped shirt also a Chynna Pope Original….
Original quote to this picture, “No shoes, no shirt, no problem”

I am so excited and happy to be a part in Boston’s Gay Pride celebrations!  The School of Fashion design is devoting the month of June to weddings.  I love that they kicked it off with a GAY window display!  The mannequin in the tuxedo wears a giant diamond ring wile holding the hand of the other mannequin wearing another one of my pieces, all of this beneath script lettering that reads, “WITH THIS RING…”

The display is still up at 136 Newbury!  That means somewhere between clarendon and Darthmouth.

Go check it out!


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