All in a day’s work…

What a great day I had today.  I started out with some early morning tennis in The Boston Common.  Then I cruised over to the studio in the South End to make this bow tie for my brother Remington.


Remington and Gracie

 With my killer fun summer paisley silk I started to cut and sew. supplies resize

In just a few minutes or so I whipped up this custom piece.  This is a proper “tie it yourself” Bow tie.  Whaddya Think?!?!


I am so excited for Remy to wear this custom piece for The Belmont Stakes this weekend!  We’ll have to wait and see how we style the rest of the outfit.

Custom Bow Ties By Chynna Pope come with matching Pocket squares!  How cool!!!!!!

Bow tie by Chynna Pope Proper “tie it yourself” bow tie and pocket square

…..But for those of you who don’t know how to tie a bow tie, I can make an adjustable clip on version…..equally awesome, but a little less authentic.

bow tie clip

Custom bow tie By Chynna Pope
Adjustable Clip on bow tie and Pocket square

 ….or if you’d like to learn how to properly tie one of these fabulous bow ties, you can follow the instructions below:

how to tie a bowtie

I know its a little complicated, that’s why I made two versions!  Anyways, both bow ties are totally cool and stylish, and the perfect summer accessory!  I even like to incorporate them into my outfits sometimes.  a little menswear on a woman is sexy!  Anyways, after I perfected my tying skills, I decided to head back home and cruise around on my skate board and go for a sail.

All the extra cericular activities that Chynna Pope does

Another great day for the books!


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